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Cross-platform development

Iotas has specialized in to cross-platform application development on Android, IoS, Linux variants and on Windows operating systems. As well as we are professionals in using Microsoft Dev tools, we are as good in using open source c and c++ development tools too. Our team takes care that our solutions usability meets the highest quality standards.

Our applications are native solutions having immeadiate response, small footprint and low power consumption making device batteries last longer.

We are experienced in digital signal processing, sensor and measurement technologies to build high quality embedded solutions.

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Cloud Services

Iotas focus is in Azure cloud service development and we have specialized to microservice technologies. We design and implement sclable micro service cloud architectures. We are exprerienced in building APIs using protocols like MQTT and REST.

SQL server and cloud database implementations are included in our competence palette.

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Project management service

Iotas delivers experienced project management services. We are experts in agile (SAFE) project management and in traditional waterfall methods.

We hold on DPO GDPR certificate and have handson experience in protecting personal data.

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